My Daily Words of Wisdom is a blog and resource focused on encouraging you to live a life of purpose on purpose by using your skills and God-given talent to serve without limits. It’s easy to get caught up in life and just go through the motions, doing whatever needs to be done to get by. But is this fulfilling? Does this motivate you in anyway? 


It’ll probably be a good opportunity to introduce myself at this juncture, hi my name is Mary Godwin and thanks for taking the time to visit this site. A few years ago I started a micro-blog via instagram sharing motivational quotes. These posts really resonated with my followers and before you know it I was sharing encouraging words daily to uplift and motivate. This was a great way for me to document ways in which I overcame challenges and stayed on top of my game regarding achieving personal goals. Since then I’ve seen how much 

there is a need for daily mental stimulation and brain food to keep everyone going, not just surviving but thriving. On this site you can expect to find interesting blog post that will set you on course to excelling in life no matter what the goal is. You’ll also find some useful tools and resources a key one being my debut book ‘My Daily Words Of Wisdom‘, which is a motivational and guide to keep you winning in life each and everyday of the year. 

To get more of a background on my journey and how it all started I’d love to welcome you to reading my first blog post